Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces


TIPPERS (Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces) is a project being developed by a team from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) in collaboration with Honeywell. Our goal is to create a robust experimental testbed for real-world deployment, testing, and evaluation of a variety of privacy technologies in Internet of Things scenarios.

  • IoT Testbed (TIPPERS) with capabilities to embed and test various privacy technologies
  • IoT applications and use case scenarios that expose privacy challenges, provide context to test validate privacy technologies, and to study privacy/utility tradeoffs
  • Detailed system and activity logs to help understand potential privacy breaches, and validate technology using privacy metrics.

Brandeis Team

TIPPERS is part of the Brandeis DARPA program which seeks to develop the technical means to protect the private and proprietary information of individuals and enterprises.


T-Panel is a demonstration system from which users can get useful information about sensing sub-systems in TIPPERS. Sensing sub-systems are the fundamental parts for TIPPERS. The data about people and space are collected by these sub-systems and sent to TIPPERS for further analysis. T-Panel helps researcher and developer understand the sensing systems by introducing each sensing sub-system in detail.

  • Introduces basic setting of all sensing sub-systems. For example, sensor type, the amount of sensors, data rate and etc.
  • Displays the live data feeds from all available sensing sub-systems for authentificated users
  • Demontrates some example analysis that shows the features of the data
  • Shows the possible privacy concerns that are exposed by certain types of data

You can find out more here

You can try the private T-Panel demo here


Concierge is a smart building assistant that helps visitors and residents in answering questions like "Where is professor Sharad?","Where are the restrooms", "Where is the CS seminar taking place?". In addition to these functionalities, Concierge also lets users to take control over which information would be visible to others. Some of the interesting features of Concierge are as follows:

  • Navigate though the building using an interactive map. Once a room is selected, this will show room description.
  • Control the disclosure of entities to only trusted parties. Each room or space can have a policy associated with respect to a user or a group of users. Certain users will be able to see current occupancy of a room or some aggregated values of such information
  • Locate a person inside a building. Through policy interface, users can control the disclosure of locations to only trusted parties.
  • Keep track of events in the Donald Bren Hall building. TIPPERS maintains ICS event calendar for the users. Public event will be displayed to visitors. Private meeting will not be open to public.
  • Set up a meeting in a smart meeting room. The meeting will have policies associated with it regarding the data collection. Participants of the meeting will be able to change such policies of the meeting according to their preferences.

You can download the APK for Concierge here


Portal is a smart dashboard for users and building administrators to monitor energy usage and presence information in the building spaces.

You can try the T-Board demo


Tippers PC collects PC status data such as usage of memory, cpu, and idleness. Once a user turns on tracking feature, it will show your status as ONLINE (<30s), IDLE(30s~300s), and AWAY(>300s). Any mouse or keyboard activity will clear the time counter. Memory and CPU usage will be displayed out of 100%.

  • You need Java in your computer. If you don't have one, please follow this link. here

  • You can download the execution file for PC data collection for Windows here
  • You can download the jar file for PC data collection for Mac here
  • Please refer to the instruction file here


You can read all the publications and presentations from here.


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Presentations and Slides